Healthy Rice Gratin With Roasted Tomatoes and Mushrooms

In a perfect world, our refrigerators would be stocked with exactly the right ingredients whenever a recipe idea strikes. We’d magically have just enough butter for a new cookie recipe, we’d somehow have cans of cooked chickpeas (I’m so tired of forgetting to soak those little suckers…) when we randomly started craving hummus, and we’d have all the right vegetables we’d want to use in a new dish we’ve been meaning to create.

But we don’t live in a perfect world, unfortunately, and too many times have I been dying to make a cheesecake only to realize that I have neither cream cheese nor graham crackers. Too many times have I opened my fridge, thinking that I had enough heavy cream for the recipe I had in mind—only to be sorely disappointed.

While that might sound a little sad, I promise you won’t feel that way with this dish. The nice thing about a gratin is that it’s customizable (is that a word?) for whatever’s in your fridge. I really wanted to use zucchinis and yellow squash, but we were totally out. So I did my best to improvise. And the best part? It still wound up being filling, delicious, and healthy!