Lemon and Berry Mille Feuille

I figured it was time for me to post a recipe. I’m generally responsible for Christmas dinner dessert since my dad cooks everything else. I originally wanted to do this Mint Chocolate Cheesecake Buche de Noel recipe but the grocery store had only a single cup of whipping cream – serves me right for leaving grocery shopping to Christmas Eve…

IMG_8993This recipe was adapted from Gordon Ramsay‘s Summer Berry Mille Feuille with Lemon Curd and I got the proportions from this blog. I found the lemon to be a bit too overpowering so I added some plain whipped cream (no sugar) and it perfectly balanced the sweetness of the berries and the sourness of the lemons.

IMG_8985 Some problems I found:

  • I have WAY to much lemon curd left. I could probably halve the recipe and still have half a cup leftover
  • Be careful with making and using the clarified butter. It doesn’t brown as fast as normal butter but it will still brown
  • When Gordon Ramsay says it takes seconds to fry up the phyllo, it will actually take SECONDS. Just do 10s on each side and you’ll get a perfect light gold colour
  • I didn’t have a cookie cutter so I used a wine glass and a very sharp knife. Worked great!

My family and their friends LOVED this dessert and they’re generally not fond of anything overwhelmingly sweet. It’s a great crowd-pleaser and a great way to practice aesthetic plating. Merry Christmas!



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